Quality research with applicable results

Through cutting-edge and novel experimental methods, the Ellis Effect team is actively involved in ongoing research aimed to (1) better understand psychological and social processes contributing to distress & wellness, (2) enhance existing psychological interventions, and (3) develop novel therapeutic approaches.

Dr. Ellis and her team’s research is extensive in the areas of brain science, affective processes, intervention, and family relationships. Click on the links below to read the Abstract summaries of some publications.

Brain Science

Through EEG and MRI techniques, our researchers have identified neural mechanisms involved in ADHD, mood disorders, and anxiety. 

Affective Processes

Our work emphasizes the effects of cognitive biases, emotion regulation, and behaviors on psychopathology in children and adults. 


The Ellis Effect team not only uses empirically supported treatments, but is also involved in creating and testing the efficacy of these interventions.

Family Relationships

Our research highlights the importance of the family system in the onset and course of symptoms in adolescents.