Learn to thinkSMARTer, not harder

The thinkSMART® (Successful Management of Approach to Responsibilities and Tasks) program was born out of Dr. Ellis’ frustration with the lack of effective, non-medication interventions for youth with executive dysfunction, particularly (but not limited to) individuals with ADHD. Pervasive and debilitating weaknesses in areas of organization, time management, task initiation/completion, and planning can hinder success for individuals with mood, anxiety and attention problems. The thinkSMART® program specifically targets these areas by teaching use of concrete behavioral strategies to compensate for these weaknesses.

The skills taught in thinkSMART® are intended to become habits through daily reinforcement. Parent support is essential for skill building and habit development both in group and at home. thinkSMART® helps parents with the language to effectively communicate and prompt use of the skills with their teen. Parents play a critical role in the success of skill acquisition. We ask that one parent attend each of the groups with their child to ensure that the strategies taught in thinkSMART® are used regularly at home.

What is executive functioning?

Executive functioning skills are brain processes that help us to plan, focus our attention, remember instructions, and multitask. EF skills are key to success in school, jobs, and relationships.

Though ThinkSMART®, your child will learn how to…

  • Effectively solve problems
  • Recognize and control problems
  • Get organized
  • Make a to-do list
  • Break down a big project
  • Get started on a task
  • Manage time
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Use Mindfulness
  • Use a planner
  • Study!

Who should enroll?

Individuals who struggle with executive function. A diagnosis is not required, but this may include youth with ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, high-functioning autism, learning disabilities, and/or other neuro-developmental disorders.

Have any questions?

Group EF Coaching at UCLA

​thinkSMART® originated from Dr. Ellis’ desire to use non-medication based interventions to improve functioning in teens with psychological difficulties. thinkSMART® is a novel approach––using empirically supported strategies––created by Dr. Ellis and her amazing team to target executive functioning weaknesses in teens. ​For more information or to enroll in the next thinkSMART® group at UCLA, visit the link below.

All NEW thinkSMART® planner

The thinkSMART® team created a planner, encompassing many of the ideas and strategies used in the program.  For information on how to order, please email: admin@elliseffect.com

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